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Accent Partners with Phonism to Enhance Service and Deployments

Phonism and Accent today announced a partnership to bring Phonism’s leading VoIP provisioning and management solution to all of Accent’s VoiceONE cloud customers. Accent, through its VoiceONE cloud service, provides a complete cloud communication VoIP service and hosted phone system to its customers. This partnership will help to enhance the speed of phone deployment and support efforts of Accent’s employees, making onboarding a breeze for customers.

“We’re excited and pleased to have partnered with Phonism to help speed our cloud VoIP deployments and enhance our cloud customer support,” said Chris Cameron, President of Accent, “Phonism will allow us to deploy, configure, and update phones faster and more efficiently than previously able, delivering immediate value to both Accent and its customers.”

Accent's VoiceONE phone system delivers a high value, feature rich phone system with a focus on flexibility and customer service. Delivered as either a pure cloud service, onsite deployment, or hybrid solution, VoiceONE is designed to fulfill the needs of any unique customer scenario. This flexible delivery approach is provided as a fully managed monthly subscription service regardless of the deployment option chosen, providing a truly unique form of communications-as-a-service.

“In today’s telecom market, it’s clear that a high-quality customer experience is what sets providers like Accent apart from the rest,” said Steve Lazaridis, CEO of Phonism, “We’re extremely excited to help Accent enhance their deployment and support efforts, and ultimately make a more pleasant end-to-end experience for the customer.”

Phonism is establishing themselves as a market leader in VoIP device provisioning and management. As a pure cloud solution, Phonism gives service providers the ability to automate many of the tasks associated with onboarding and supporting VoIP phones. This helps service providers save valuable time and gives their engineers the freedom to focus on more innovative tasks. Since Phonism sits outside your PBX, it reduces limitations around provisioning and makes it easy to centrally manage all of your VoIP phones. Currently supported brands include: Grandstream, Yealink, Polycom, & Cisco.

Additional Resources Learn more about Phonism: Follow us on Twitter @phonism

Learn more about Accent: Follow us on Twitter @AccentVoice

About Accent Accent ( is a communications service provider with a pedigree of over 25 years serving the telecommunications industry while continually evolving to meet ever-changing customer needs. Accent delivers its communications-as-a-service (CaaS) offerings to a national customer base via nationwide datacenters and offices in Columbus, OH and Minneapolis. MN. The company’s primary service offerings include cloud phone systems, onsite CaaS, VoIP phone service, and cloud SD-WAN network services.

About Phonism Phonism ( is the leading cloud platform for VoIP device provisioning and management. Phonism helps service providers easily manage all their devices from a centralized location. The company’s innovative approach has helped their customers to streamline onboarding and support, saving them valuable time and increasing their bottom line. With Phonism, the days of manual provisioning are in the rearview.

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