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Business Messaging

Connect with your contacts, co-workers, and customers in a variety

of unique ways using our messaging and collaboration services.

Move beyond voice calling and differentiate your business with modern messaging.

Business Text Messaging


Team Collaboration

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Voicemail Transcription


Cloud-Based E-Fax

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Connect and communicate with your customers in real-time via our embedded text messaging engine.  Designed to deliver the highest level in customer experience, our service allows you to text enable any business phone number.  Dump the short codes and "text only" numbers and send your customers messages from the business numbers they know and recognize.

Create real-time text message based customer interactions

Integrate with any web application

Provide unique customer support options

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Included with every VoiceONE user, the Connect app integrates your communications across all your devices.

Unified Communications

Team Voice & Video Calling

Team Messaging

Collaboration & File Sharing

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Read your voicemail. VoiceONE's voicemail transcription service turns your voicemail messages into a readable email message in just seconds. Our machine based transcription technology listens to your voicemail and transcribes it into an email delivered directly to your Inbox, it even attaches the audio message to ensure nothing is lost in translation. 

Save time and avoid listening to lengthy voicemail messages

Receive voicemail messages in real-time directly into your inbox

Prioritize critical messages over junk mail

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Get rid of that archaic fax machine and step into the 21st century with E-Fax.  E-Fax allows you to send and receive faxes directly from either an e-mail address or your Connect desktop application. 


It's as easy as creating a document or PDF and sending it via an email attachment.  With E-Fax, you can receive your critical faxes wherever you receive your email, no more reliance on that office fax machine.  

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