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WebRTC Services

Web based communication services designed to deliver voice, video, and more wherever and whenever needed.

Real-time communication services designed to deliver audio and video communication throughout your entire business.

Powering Real-time Connections

Web based real-time communication services (WebRTC) drive many of the most innovative and forward thinking communication applications of today.  If you've ever used Google Hangouts, Amazon Mayday, or another form of audio/video browser based calling then you've used WebRTC.  Accent's built-in WebRTC services enable your business to take advantage of these leading communication applications and deliver an enhanced sales, service, and support experience to your customers.


Voice enable web based services and applications

Integrate web services & apps with your business phones

Increase savings by utilizing web communication services

Web Click2Call

Using our ready-made Web Click2Call application you can voice enable your website in five minutes with just one line of code from Accent.  Enable immediate access for your customers to the appropriate support and sales teams with just one click and improve your customer experience by ditching complex auto attendants and lengthy wait times.  With Click2Call's web-based architecture, layer voice services into any web-enabled application or service. 


Launch customer interactions and real-time calls directly from your website or apps


Increase sales by connecting directly to customers in real-time

WebRTC Gateway

Enable your legacy on-premise phone system with real-time communication applications using Accent's WebRTC Gateway service.  Our WebRTC Gateway will integrate with any legacy on-premise phone system to directly connect your existing communication systems to Accent's cloud based real-time communication services.  This enables your business to continue leveraging its existing infrastructure investment while taking advantage of the latest in real-time communication services.

Enable next-gen web services

to connect with your customers. 

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